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Five Ways To Eat Better When Eating Out

Can you socialize without ruining your diet? This is a question one of my clients asked me. Every social event revolves around food and /or drinking. It’s the way we celebrate and spend time together. Believe me, it is very difficult and I am guilty of going off my healthy diet many times. I went out for dinner with one of my clients and her friends this weekend and I totally blew my diet. I felt terrible the next day because of all the bad food choices I made. My stomach hurt and my hands were swollen because of all the sodium I consumed. There are ways to avoid this or at least lessen the blow.

  • Know your Menu. Look over menu before you go out. Therefore, you can concentrate on making a healthy eating choice before you even get there! Also, avoid heavy sauces and fried foods.

  • Don’t Go Out Hungry. Make sure you eat every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day. You don’t want to be starved and tempted to eat something you shouldn’t.

  • Drink Water 15 Minutes Before You Eat and Throughout the Day. Avoid drinking it with meals. It can dilute stomach acid leading to digestive issues.

  • Order A Salad and an Appetizer or Take Half To Go. If you have trouble with your portions, order a small salad with dressing on the side and your favorite appetizer. If you you want a regular size meal and it’s too much food, take half home.

  • Enjoy your family and your friends. Socializing, laughing and having fun reduces stress. The stress hormone cortisol boost insulin levels, which can cause you to pack on pounds, especially in your midsection.

So I answer my friends and clients with a yes, go out! However, be prepared to have a plan and treat yourself to a little something! I will make you work it off tomorrow!

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