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Do you ever go to gym or look at your exercise equipment and don’t know what to do or where to begin?
Are you bored of your current plan or are you not sure why you are doing the exercises you are doing or its effectiveness?
Have you hit a plateau?

Training App

The Get Results YK training app is the most effective training app for personalized results! You can choose a HIIT, strength, core, or a training plan designed to get you to your next racing goal. Whether you work out in a gym or at home the plan is personalized to the equipment available to you and to your specific needs and current fitness level.


Training plan includes warm up, customized workout & stretching.


Email, text, and/or phone support.


Easy to use and contains videos to go along with each exercise so you know how to do it!


Workout phases change every 2 weeks or as needed.


Weekly check-ins to see how the plan is working for you and if any changes need to be made.


Accountability and motivation provided every step of the way to get the RESULTS you are looking for!

How it works

After you answer some questions about your current fitness level and goals, I will personalize your training plan which you can access in the app! The app can function as a tracker as you move toward your goals and notifies me when you have completed your workout.

How It Works



"I love working out with Yvonne! She makes training sessions interesting and varied so I don't get bored or frustrated, and she knows what routines will work for me at this stage of my life and with this body.  Each week I can feel (and see) progress.  Her personal attention, patience and expertise (and her sense of humor) have been so uplifting to me and have gotten me through a really hard time and into a much happier and fitter place."

Andi Straus

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