A nutrition plan to complement your fitness training


Made just for you

...not what you CAN’T eat. It’s more than eating healthy and randomly omitting certain foods.


Everyone is different. Yvonne first interviews each person about their daily eating and drinking habits. How often? How much?


Then she evaluates where there may be issues and recommends a personalized meal plan. Revisited weekly.

It's About What You CAN Eat...

your MEAL Plan


Proteins, Carbs, Fats and Calories. It coincides with your personalized workout plan I have set for you each day.

You Get Results because we do weekly updates on:

  • Your weight

  • How you feel

  • Your energy level

  • How your clothes feel on you (inches lost)

Yvonne Kasper is a Nutrition Specialist, certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)


Regarding Nutrition Coaching:

"Yvonne provides excellent guidance with understanding the proper way to eat for how you train. Her program is easy to follow and takes all the guess work out of 'what should I eat?'

The right nutrition and the specific workouts she created have made a huge difference to me."

- Kimberley Broughton