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A nutrition plan to complement your fitness training


Made just for you

It’s more than eating healthy and randomly omitting certain foods.


Everyone is different. Yvonne first interviews each person about their daily eating and drinking habits. How often? How much?


Then she evaluates where there may be issues and recommends a personalized meal plan. Revisited weekly.

It's About What You CAN Eat... not What You CAN't.

your MEAL Plan


Proteins, Carbs, Fats and Calories. It coincides with your personalized workout plan I have set for you each day.

You Get Results because we do weekly updates on:

  • Your weight

  • How you feel

  • Your energy level

  • How your clothes feel on you (inches lost)

Yvonne Kasper is a Nutrition Specialist, certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)



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Kathy Bohlin

"This was my second go-around participating in Yvonne's 10-day Detox Program.  I did it last year and loved the way it made me look and feel that I couldn't resist to do it again.  In fact, it is something I do periodically during the year as a way to cleanse my body and mind and get back on track. Yvonne is such a super-coach and is there with you through-out the whole experience offering not only detailed menus and delicious recipes but inspirational messages and moral support.  She makes this challenge actually enjoyable and there is also a private Facebook group that you can leave your thoughts, questions or ideas for anyone in the group to see and respond to.  You very much feel like you are not facing this challenge alone!I highly recommend any and all of Yvonne's challenges as they are so very much worth it, and you will definitely walk away a much more knowledgeable person when it comes to your overall health and well-being."


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