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Services Offered by Get Results With Yvonne Kasper

We will work together to develop an individualized fitness program specific to your goals. Training is conducted both in-person and/or virtually. Sessions are one hour in length. I offer 30 minute sessions virtually only.

Typically, clients will meet 2-3x per week. In between sessions, clients will receive a step-by-step Fitness Plan that is customized to their goals and fitness level.

Monthly reviews of goals and milestones achieved to ensure clients are staying on track and adjustments to plans are done as needed.

Unlimited coaching calls, text and/or email.

VIP Facebook Group access- be the first to be informed about our New Programs, Videos, Recipes, Expertise, Support, Advice and more…

Try a personal training session, you would be surprised how just a few sessions will help focus your current training experience!

Prices Vary

Get Results YK

Personal Training

Get Results YK

Cancer Exercise

Postural assessment to determine muscle imbalances that may cause pain and degeneration of the joints

Range of motion assessment to determine limitations in joint range of motion following cancer surgery and treatment

Flexibility assessment

Balance and core stability assessment

Girth measurements to monitor for lymphedema

Personalized program to correct imbalances and prevent future degeneration while helping you to return to your pre-treatment level of strength and fitness

Prices Vary

20 Powerful Workout (22-28 minutes) Sessions each month.

20 HIIT Finishers (3-5 minutes) each month for accelerated results.

Workouts and Finishers are posted in a private Facebook group daily for your Monday to Friday workouts and finishers.

Coaching calls and/or texts: I know how easy it is to fall off the fitness bandwagon -- that’s why I offer unlimited support calls and/or texts if and when you need them (without the cost of being one of my private clients). If you need a modification for an exercise or want to strengthen a certain muscle in a more direct way---let me know!

Motivation/Accountability: You show up and do the work, and I will take care of the rest!

VIP Facebook Group access- be the first to be informed about our New Programs, Videos, Recipes, Expertise, Support, advice and more…

Just a half hour a day for better fitness! You can do it!


Live 1 hour Classes

Live Recordings of All Classes Available

Fresh Workout 2 Days a Week

Interact with each other live on Zoom for support!




Get Results YK

Online Classes

Get Results YK


It's about what you can eat not what you CAN’T eat. It’s more than eating healthy and randomly omitting certain foods.

Everyone is different. I first interview each client about their daily eating, drinking, sleeping and work habits. It is important to look at the whole picture to get the results that will be long lasting and effective.

The plan will include strategies for healthier eating and how it will impact your life in a beneficial way. You will understand the WHY of what you are eating and how to incorporate the changes into your daily routine.

You Get Results because it is a lifestyle change NOT a diet! It’s a permanent change for a healthier YOU!

Prices Vary

Two More Great Nutrition Programs by Yvonne


10-Day Success Manual

Daily Checklist

Sample 10-Day Meal Plan

Grocery List

Blank Meal Chart

Personal Commitment Statement


Success Manual

Plant-Based Recipe Manual

Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Grocery List

Calorie and Nutrient Daily Breakdown

Daily Worksheets

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