Dariel Delfico

Yvonne has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She’s helped me so much with becoming more and more confident in working out. I was completely clueless on how to workout, or even where to begin before meeting her . She’s given me the motivation and confidence I needed that I didn’t have before. I’ve lost 22 inches and about 30 lbs with her program! She’s phenomenal!

Steve Latino

Coming off two bad injuries and an illness. I was weak, had no endurance, and could not run a mile and a half without having to walk. Now I can run a 7:18 mile, a half marathon, a 180-mile relay race, and I'm the strongest I've been in years. Yvonne has been tough, honest, supportive, and instilled confidence in me to acomplish things I didn't even think I could do.

Ana Murphy

Yvonne is more than a fantastic personal trainer she is a friend. She really takes the time to understand where I am at and she helps me do better and stay motivated. I have learned so much from Yvonne and I feel like I am building a better fitness foundation thanks to her. I love our 1-1 personal training sessions because not only Yvonne keeps me motivated she also gives me nutrition advice. I highly recommend Yvonne to all my friends and I will continue to work with her in getting stronger and feeling better about myself. Thank You Yvonne!! You truly are fantastic at what you do!

Chistina Collarusso

I reached out to Yvonne Kasper when my teenaged son, Michael, injured himself when working out. Michael needed help to work out in a way that he could heal and not I ignore himself going forward. Yvonne has a great reputation so I called her immediately. She responded immediately knowing that I was anxious about my son's health. Her kindness and expertise eased my mind. She met with us soon after and thoroughly assessed Michael's case. Michael is a bit shy and was nervous. After one training and nutrition session, he was completely comfortable and confident to resume working out adhering to Yvonne's instructions. He cliques so well with Yvonne and anyone would. She doesn't intimidate or judge; she only shares her passion for helping you to reach your heath goals. I would recommend her to anyone. She's reliable and only a call or text away for motivation and guidance.

Nicole Santiago

I had tried many different gyms and programs through the years but nothing is as fun and challenging as Get Results YK....

I was shuffling from personal trainer to personal trainer when I met Yvonne. I thought in my mind.... great...another trainer....

But what I found was quite different.... Yvonne actually cares about you. She takes the time to get to know you and what you need...then she goes after it whole heatedly and routes for you to achieve all of your dreams.

Being a breast cancer survivor I never thought many things were physically possible again.....but Yvonne's personal training and boot camps challenge me each and every workout. She is a great trainer whose own dedication to fitness make all the difference! I Have achieved things I never thought possible again.... I have seen improvements in my strength and endurance as well as overall well-being. 

The workouts are always creative, positive and adjusted for every level. The variety of her workouts keep it fresh and it's always a total body workout. Yvonne's encouragement, dedication and focus on helping improve each and everyone's physical fitness level is beyond any trainer I have seen. I love the friendships I have made and the love and support I receive from my boot camp family.... I have made both friends and habits for life! Thank you, Yvonne and Get Results YK. Check out my picture....it says it all!

Andrew Trivero Jr.

When you look up the word motivation and inspiration in the dictionary it clearly defines someone or something that will stimulate you to act or behave in a particular way. Yvonne Kasper is the true definition of a motivator and someone that is so truly inspirational it makes you want to push yourself to your absolute limits. I have always been someone who struggles with maintaining a healthy weight and during stressful times will turn to food instead of a more productive mechanism. I was introduced to Yvonne Kasper by a mutual friend as someone who could help change my life for the better. Being an amputee for the majority of my life I worried that Yvonne would not be able to understand my limits as her primary clientele didn’t look like myself. Yvonne invited me for a trial to one of her boot camps as a guest and my life has never been the same since. Yvonne you are a truly amazing, one of those people that doesn’t come into your life often. You genuinely care about your client’s health and wellness both in the gym and outside. Your follow-up hand written cards or texts both on good and bad days has such an impact on my life and I will forever be grateful. You have helped me realize that I can push myself even farther than I have ever imagined and when times are tough focus on things that will create positive impacts on myself and the world around me. I will forever be grateful of the day we met when you not only became part of my family you allowed me to be part of yours. Thank you for being so inspirational and so special.

Judith Schlesinger

I have tried personal trainers before, as well as gym member ships, daily walking buddies, and the bacon and butter orgies of Dr. Atkins. Nothing took more than five pounds off my, um, middle-aged spread. But after several months of working with Yvonne twice a week, with her sunny, knowledgeable encouragement - including her diet tips and her absolute faith in my ability to lose weight - I am seeing numbers on the scale that haven't been there since high school. Best of all, the pounds have been sliding off steadily, not drastically, at an average of two per week, which feels natural and makes me believe I've finally turned the corner on this weight thing. Certainly I've completely changed the way I eat without feeling any deprivation at all, and I've never felt (or looked!) better. Better yet, I have more strength and energy, and my knee problem seems to have vanished. Yvonne's visits are the bright highlights of my week. Who knew you could have this much fun getting in shape??

Irene Doku

Yvonne is the best trainer I've known. She rekindled my love for exercise and staying fit again. She's is always kind, understanding and knowledgeable and always explains the why behind certain exercises. Over the years, she has become a true friend and mentor as I've seen my weight reduce and my fitness level increase.

Suzanne Ronner

I love working with Yvonne because she is easy-going and I never feel intimidated or uncomfortable, regardless of my skill level. She always finds a way to help me maximize my work-outs and motivates me to reach my potential. With Yvonne's help, I went from someone who only ran to the refrigerator...to someone who ran a half marathon! She was with me every step of the way.

Jessica Klarl

I have been attending Yvonne's bootcamp sessions for nearly 3 months, and I truly look forward to each Saturday workout. These sessions are a great way to challenge yourself while enjoying a fun group of people and getting outdoors. The bootcamp workouts vary week to week and Yvonne always provides personal instruction and feedback to create the best possible session. I am so glad I was able to connect with Yvonne, and I highly recommend working with her, no matter your fitness level!

Danielle Cahill

Yvonne is an excellent trainer. Her focus is on you as a whole person, taking

into account any injury or illness you may have, as well as your emotional

state and daily stress levels. She provides customized health and nutrition

programs that motivate you towards a healthier lifestyle. Her workouts are

based on the individual needs of her clients, and are always different and

challenging. Yvonne always shows up with a smile on her face and words of

encouragement to help you push through, without giving up. At the end of

every session, I feel more alive and focused for the day that lies ahead. I

also look forward to her group sessions which allow me to surround myself

with positive people who have the same goals. Yvonne’s creative style

reminds us to be cheerleaders for each other and has forged friendships that

we otherwise, wouldn’t have. Her drive and determination is contagious.

She has made a tremendous difference in my life. You will definitely get

results with Yvonne Kasper!

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