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On Your Schedule

We’ll Work Together to develop an individualized fitness program specific to your goals.

Depending on your needs (and location), we can meet in person or virtually, or a blend of both. All in-person sessions are one hour in length.

Typically we will meet 2-3x per week. In between our sessions, you will have a step by step Fitness Plan that is customized to your goals and physical fitness level.

You can do this ! Anyone can do anything for 10 more seconds!

Yvonne Kasper



Ana Murphy

"Yvonne is more than a fantastic personal trainer. She is a friend. She really takes the time to understand where I am at, and she helps me do better and stay motivated."


"I have learned so much from Yvonne and I feel like I am building a better fitness foundation thanks to her."

"I love our 1-1 personal training sessions because not only does Yvonne keep me motivated -- she also gives me nutrition advice. I highly recommend Yvonne to all my friends, and I will continue to work with her in getting stronger and feeling better about myself."

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