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Race Training with Yvonne Kasper at Get Results YK

Race Training

This is an area of fitness I am extra passionate about. I have helped many clients improve their time, stamina and distance. Whether you are running a marathon or a 5K, or are thinking of trying an ironman, rely race or obstacle race like a Spartan, I can help you get in shape and improve your overall results.

When preparing for a race, I will train you with:
Strength training
Proper Stretching
Core and Ab exercises

It is so much more than “running”. I will provide you with tips to make your overall experience, before, during and after, much easier. This combination of training techniques will keep you injury free.

Tips include:

  • Incorporating cross-training into your routine
  • Finding your perfect stride
  • Nutrition, what is best throughout your training, the night before your race, and during your race
  • The right running technique to preserve energy
  • Buying the right sneakers
  • Protection from blisters, broken toenails and other small annoyances


Testimonial from Client of Get Results YK

I had tried many different gyms and programs through the years but nothing is as fun and challenging as Get Results YK....
I was shuffling from personal trainer to personal trainer when I met Yvonne. I thought in my mind.... great...another trainer....
But what I found was quite different.... Yvonne actually cares about you. She takes the time to get to know you and what you need...then she goes after it whole heatedly and routes for you to achieve all of your dreams. 
Being a breast cancer survivor I never thought many things were physically possible again.....but Yvonne's personal training and boot camps challenge me each and every workout. She is a great trainer whose own dedication to fitness make all the difference! I Have achieved things I never thought possible again.... I have seen improvements in my strength and endurance as well as overall well-being. The workouts are always creative, positive and adjusted for every level. The variety of her workouts keep it fresh and it's always a total body workout. Yvonne's encouragement, dedication and focus on helping improve each and everyone's physical fitness level is beyond any trainer I have seen. I love the friendships I have made and the love and support I receive from my boot camp family.... I have made both friends and habits for life! Thank you, Yvonne and Get Results YK. Check out my picture....it says it all!
Nicole Santiago, Age 50


My name is Tiffany DeLaCruz I am 37 years old and I am from Beacon, NY. I am a runner and I have been running regularly for the last 4 years. Mostly 5K local races and this year I decided I wanted to challenge myself and run a half marathon. The only problem with that is that I had a knee injury. I knew that I would have to meet with a trainer to avoid further injury and that’s how I came to know Yvonne. I was really struck by her kindness and her knowledge. She evaluated me saw my strengths and my weaknesses and she created an exercise routine for me specifically to strengthen the muscles around my knee while also getting in my training runs.

 And thanks to Yvonne’s help I am very happy to say I did run my first half marathon in June of 2017. I ran the entire way with no pain and no injury to my knee at all. I’m really thankful for her. I could not have done it without her. Thank you Yvonne!

 Tiffany DeLaCruz
Age 37

Yvonne is an excellent trainer.  Her focus is on you as a whole person, taking
into account any injury or illness you may have, as well as your emotional
state and daily stress levels.  She provides customized health and nutrition
programs that motivate you towards a healthier lifestyle.  Her workouts are
based on the individual needs of her clients, and are always different and
challenging.  Yvonne always shows up with a smile on her face and words of
encouragement to help you push through, without giving up.  At the end of
every session, I feel more alive and focused for the day that lies ahead.  I
also look forward to her group sessions which allow me to surround myself
with positive people who have the same goals.  Yvonne’s creative style
reminds us to be cheerleaders for each other and has forged friendships that
we otherwise, wouldn’t have.  Her drive and determination is contagious. 
She has made a tremendous difference in my life.  You will definitely get
results with Yvonne Kasper!
Danielle Cahill, Age 40

Contact me to find out how I can help you get the results you are looking for. I work with people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Everyone wants to be healthy but most people don’t know where or how to start. Contact me today so I can provide you with customized solutions to help you reach your goals.

  •   845-764-6644
  •   Serving Fishkill, Beacon, Balmville, Cold Spring NY

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