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Get Results YK and Yvonne Kasper have expert fitness advice and training


If you are looking to change the way you look and feel, you can get results working with me on your fitness training. I can work with you one-on-one, or in a small group doing various types of exercises. Check out my sample fitness plan below to get an idea of the services you will get when working with me.

One-on-one Personal Training

We’ll work together to develop an individualized fitness program specific to your goals. Depending on your needs (and location), we can meet in person or virtually, or a blend of both. All sessions are one hour in length.

Typically we will meet 1-2x per week. In between our sessions, you will have a step by step Fitness Plan that is customized to your goals and physical fitness level. Click below for a Sample Fitness Plan.

One to One Training Sessions with

Sample One On One Fitness Plan

Group Training

Some people work better having the motivation of others, or simply want to train with a friend, family member, co-worker, etc . If you don’t have someone to train with, I can set you up with a partner who has similar fitness goals.

As with my one to one program, we will typically meet 1-2x per week. A Step by Step Fitness Plan will be prepared for each of you, customized to your goals and physical fitness level. Click below for a Sample Group Plan.

Sample Group Plan

Race Training

I can train you for marathons, ironmans, triathlons, obstacle courses, relay races… and help you achieve your goals, maximize your experience and improve your results. Completing a race is incredibly satisfying and will test the limits of your body.

This is an area of fitness I am extra passionate about. I have helped many clients improve their time, stamina and distance. Whether you are running a marathon or a 5K, or are thinking of trying an ironman, relay race or obstacle race like a Spartan, I can help you get in shape and improve your overall results. Click below for a sample training plan.

Sample Race Plan

Types of training:


Cardio Fitness

Core Strength

Strength Training


Body Sculpting

All Stages of Pregnancy



Agility & Speed


Weight Loss

Improve Your Life

There’s a saying that “You can’t run away from your fork, and you can’t eat your way to fitness.” It takes balance to reach your goals. You need enough exercise, rest and a good diet to be and feel healthy. They are all connected and together give you vitality and health that will last you years to come.


Nutrition 80%

Fitness 20%

Rest 7-9 hours per day

I develop health & fitness programs that identify opportunities to become more efficient and more focused on your progress.

Everyone I work with is different and no two clients have the same plan. I look forward to hearing from you and designing a program that will give you the results you are looking for. If you don’t see a service on my site, just let me know and Ill let you know if I can help.


I am offering a monthly newsletter. Fill out the form below to get my updated recipes, tips, and motivation to keep going toward your goal!


Testimonial for Yvonne Kasper and Get Results Personal Training

I reached out to Yvonne Kasper when my son Michael,15, injured himself when working out. Michael needed help to work out in a way that he could heal and not I ignore himself going forward. Yvonne has a great reputation so I called her immediately. She responded immediately knowing that I was anxious about my son's health. Her kindness and expertise eased my mind. She met with us soon after and thoroughly assessed Michael's case. Michael is a bit shy and was nervous. After one training and nutrition session, he was completely comfortable and confident to resume working out adhering to Yvonne's instructions. He cliques so well with Yvonne and anyone would. She doesn't intimidate or judge; she only shares her passion for helping you to reach your heath goals. I would recommend her to anyone. She's reliable and only a call or text away for motivation and guidance. Chistina Collarusso Age 50


Hi my name is Kathy Martin and I wanted to talk to you about Yvonne Kasper she is my personal trainer and she is absolutely amazing. I can tell you that she is the most motivational that I have ever met in my life. She has taught me so much about nutrition and working out with different exercises and really giving me tips with methods to help me stay on track with my training. I met Yvonne a few years ago and I worked out with her a few times a week and she was always upbeat and very professional but always really motivational. That was the main thing I got from working out with her, she always kept me on track, always kept me going in the right direction. And one of the most special things about Yvonne is that she always checked in with me, even when we weren’t working out, like after we had a session like she would always contact me to see how I was doing, see how I was feeling and to see if I was staying on track. That really meant a lot to me, it really helped me. It helped me feel accountable and it helped me to know that she really cared about me as a person and cared about my journey in wellness and fitness over all.

I learned so much from Yvonne about nutrition and cooking and exercise and different things I can incorporate into my schedule to help me become a healthier person. Since I met Yvonne and with her encouragement I went on to become a certified yoga instructor. I probably could never have done that without her encouragement. She really helped me to believe in myself and I did it! I went through the training and I became certified. After I got my certification I started attending Yvonne’s boot camp and working out and they are awesome and so much fun to workout outside with a group of people and the time goes really fast, it flies by because it’s fun. And she has invited me to teach yoga with some of her clients and incorporate that into their fitness routine which I think is so important. Yvonne cares about her client’s mind, body and spirit. I have really gotten a lot out of our friendship our relationship and I think she has made a huge difference in my life and I know she has helped a ton of other people.

So, if you are thinking about training with Yvonne I say Go for It! You won’t regret it, you’ll learn a lot and you’ll have some fun too. Have a nice day, thank you so much and Namaste!

Kathy Martin, Age 53

Testimonial for Yvonne Kasper and Get Results Personal Training

I have been attending Yvonne's bootcamp sessions for nearly 3 months, and I truly look forward to each Saturday workout. These sessions are a great way to challenge yourself while enjoying a fun group of people and getting outdoors. The bootcamp workouts vary week to week and Yvonne always provides personal instruction and feedback to create the best possible session. I am so glad I was able to connect with Yvonne, and I highly recommend working with her, no matter your fitness level! -Jessica Klarl Age 32

Contact me to find out how I can help you get the results you are looking for. I work with people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Everyone wants to be healthy but most people don’t know where or how to start. Contact me today so I can provide you with customized solutions to help you reach your goals.

  •   845-764-6644
  •   Serving Fishkill, Beacon, Balmville, Cold Spring NY

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