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Boot Camp is...

...a supportive group fitness class lead by Yvonne Kasper. During good weather, it's held outdoors; otherwise, we meet in a studio. Come ready to sweat, laugh, and make new friends!

Boot Camp is held three times per week. Yvonne will prepare a Step by Step Fitness Plan for each of you, customized to your goals and physical fitness level.

Yvonne Kasper

Regarding Boot Camp:

"Yvonne makes the classes fun...and they are very challenging.


"I remember the first class I took with her. I needed to lay down and take a break in the middle of it.

"I enjoy everything about it (except for the burpees)."

Mark Germinaro

Typical Boot Camp Schedule


UMAC Fishkill

5:45 AM


UMAC Fishkill

5:45 AM


UMAC Fishkill

8:00 AM

Regarding Schedule Changes

Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for Boot Camp. No walk-ins. Yvonne will contact registered Boot Camp participants regarding any changes in schedule. or venue Weather-permitting, Boot Camp may be held outdoors at Sarah Taylor Park, Fishkill NY